Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Have A New Website!

I am pleased to announce that Markee 2.0 magazine has completely redesigned its website. It is now much easier to navigate, looks better (more modern design), and more prominently features the photos and videos that accompany our terrific articles.

Speaking of enhancements, did you realize that with our July/August issue we launched a fully digital version of publication as well? Markee 2.0 is now available in a digital magazine format for industry professionals looking for an easier way to access their favorite content while on the go. The new “flip-page” format is compatible with smartphones and tablet computers. We have partnered with one of the publishing world’s leading rich media content providers to provide a fully immersive and interactive reader experience with our digital publication.

Click here to browse through our current digital issues to see just how easy and intuitive the navigation process can be. We hope you enjoy this extension of our services to you!